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1. Only JNCC members are permitted in the gym and other fitness areas.  

2. No children under the age 10 are permitted in the gym or fitness areas (other than group classes designated for these age groups). 

3. Children ages 10-13 may use the gym with a parent/guardian once completing the Youth Fitness Agreement with a member of the fitness staff. 

4. Proper fitness attire is required. This includes a clean shirt that does not bare the midriff and shorts/pants/skirts and athletic shoes. 

5. Wipe down equipment with designated spray/paper towel after use. 

6. Cell phones must be put on vibrate. Please limit cell phone usage to emergencies in fitness areas. 

7. No food or drinks allowed in any of the fitness areas unless it is in a non-glass bottle/container with a lid.  

8. Do not take indoor equipment outside and do not bring outdoor equipment inside. 

9. Place weights and other equipment back in their designated locations when finished with them. 

10. Do not drop or bang weights. 

11. Do not bring audio devices in fitness areas without headphones. 

12. Follow equipment directions carefully and make sure all seats are secured and all pins in place before using equipment.  

13. Use a spotter when performing any difficult exercises. 

14. Please allow others to "work in" while using equipment. 

15. Report any maintenance issues immediately to the front desk. 

16. Peloton users must make a reservation/check in at the front desk and must use earbuds/headphones while using the bike. 

17. Stop exercising immediately and seek medical care if you experience any dizziness, pain or unusual discomfort. 

18. Management/ownership assumes no responsibility for any injuries that may occur. 

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