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3 & Me Pickleball Lessons Available! Click here to learn more


Our newest play option for all players looking to test their competitive skills in a friendly and social atmosphere. Players will move up and down the court ladder as they win and lose. Dink and Drive your way to the top court and see how long you can stay!

Having trouble in competitive or tournament matches? This clinic is for those intermediate to advanced players really looking to sharpen those skills and become more competitive. This clinic includes drilling, advanced shot selection, and advanced strategy. Will include a combination of drilling and match play.

Open Play is designed to give new players to the game a chance to play and learn the game in a fun, social, “less competitive” environment. This Open Play is for those that are still getting comfortable with the basics of the game.

OPEN PLAY (Weekly Drop In)
Pro Organized Play, Show up, All Levels Welcome, You’ll play with different people all evening.

PICKLEBALL 101 (4 Week Session)
A four-week session designed to introduce and give participants a basic understanding of Pickleball. Dinking, Serving, Scoring and Playing will all be covered in the four-weeks.

PICKLEBALL 201 (4 Week Session)
A four-week session revising what was learned by participants in 101 as well as introducing the “third shot drop”, mastering transition as well as some intermediate tactics and strategy.

SKILL BUILDING DRILLS (45 min. practice followed by critiqued play)

Looking to get more specific and technical instructions on the parts of the game that will help improve your overall Pickleball game and results?? This is the clinic

for you!

  • 1ST MONDAY OF THE MONTH: KITCHEN DRILLSBecome a kitchen master by practicing from the most important area of the court. Learn when and how to dink and when to speed it up!

  • 2ND MONDAY OF THE MONTH: THIRD SHOT AND TRANSITIONTo improve your pickleball you have to be able to execute the 3rd shot and transition. This class will have you driving, dropping and dripping like a baller

  • 3RD MONDAY OF THE MONTH: SERVE AND RETURNDifferent technical options and tactical strategies of these two important shots will be covered.

  • 4TH MONDAY OF THE MONTH: REVIEWAn overall review of the three previous weeks as well as designated “your choice” segment.


Feel like you’re ready to take your game to the next level? This clinic goes beyond the beginner classes and teaches the next set of skills needed to make the jump from 3.0 to 4.0. Team positioning, shot selection, shot variation and strategy are all covered in this clinic. Will include a combination of drilling and match play.

DUPR MATCH PLAY (Weekly Drop In)
Want to get a Pickleball rating? DUPR Open Play Sessions we will record the scores to each game that you participate in and over time you will get an official DUPR rating. You must create a DUPR account (free) and join the JNCC club page (1 min) on the DUPR app to participate.

Click here to download the DUPR app for iPhones. 

Click here to download the DUPR app for Android phones.

Please contact our Pickleball Team at for Private Lessons and any additional questions about programming or pricing.
For more information and reservation, please contact our Front Desk Staff at 830-625-2005 or download the John Newcombe Country Club app on your phone. 
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