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Complimentary for Members!

All In 45 Group Fitness classes have a limited capacity. You must reserve your spot in our club app!

Myzone app now available! Upgrade your fitness experience today!


45 minutes of fitness a day can get you in the best shape of your life! When done correctly, of course...This was our philosophy when the All In 45 Group Fitness program was designed - to help men and women get in the best shape of their life, while still having a life!

Join this all new fitness program designed by the fitness professionals at JNCC! Love this concept of Orange Theory and results-based group training classes at big box gyms? Then this program is for you!


This intense class uses cardio machines such as Star Trac Free Runner Treadmills (easy on the joints), rowing machines and strength training in a high-intensity interval format to turn your body into a calorie-burning machine, All in 45 minutes!

Paired with the Myzone app,* you can take your experience to the next level, allowing you and your coach to track your metrics and personal performance to reach your goals.


Benefits of My Zone include:

It's Personal

With 99.4% accuracy, Myzone tracks your real-time heart rate, calories and effort to help you train smarter and hit your goals faster!​


It's Social

Connect with your JNCC fitness friends and Burn 45 classmates to share your workouts and activity to keep you motivated!​

It's Fun

Take part in Burn 45 challenges and collect points to watch your status improve as you have fun focusing on your health and wellbeing.



This class utilizes Barbells for a semi-choreographed full-body strength workout that will get you strong and lean!


Plan to work hard in this 45-minute class that blends Barre, Pilates and Yoga movements in a format that will have your muscles burning and your heart pumping!

BURN 45*

This intense, Total Body Conditioning Program* uses body-weight and strength-based movements to turn your body into a muscle-building, fat-burning machine! Movement modifications can be made for men and women of all fitness levels.


Join us in the All In 45 Cycle Studio for this intense sweat session on our Kaiser bikes! Get your heart pumping as your instructor uses the music to take you through various terrain.


This 30-minute, action-packed class will get your heart pumping and your body sweating! Learn to combine strength training and cardio drills to get the maximum output for your time. This class is for all levels!


This intense yet fun class will have you punching and kicking your way to a strong, lean body and will have you feeling confident, tough and fit! This class takes place in the Group Fitness Studio and incorporates CARDIO KICKBOX DRILLS with IMPACT MOVEMENTS on the BAGS as well as SPARRING! Please note that gloves are required to participate in the Bags and Sparring portion of the class.


KIDS YOGA (Ages 3+)

This 30-minute class is set to music and will have your kids posing, breathing and laughing their way into learning how fun yoga can be!

KIDS FUN FIT (Ages 5+)

Bring your kids out to the Group Fitness Studio for this 30-minute class that is designed specifically for kids! The coach will focus on proper form and technique and teach your child how to exercise their bodies in a fun and safe way.


This fun class incorporates low impact, easy to follow cardio movements with light strength work and finishes with core, mobility and flexibility on the mat. If you are an older adult, new mom, recovering f rom an injury or simply looking for a less-strenuous workout, this class is for you!


Join us for this Mat Pilates class to improve flexibility, muscle tone, body balance, spinal support and mind-body awareness. This class is for all levels. Please bring your own mat and towel.


Instead of trying to force your body into one-size-fits-all poses, this yoga class is adaptive and fits the movements into what you’re physically able to do. We use props like blocks, straps and boxes to make the class open to all, regardless of limitations due to injuries, weaknesses or balance issues. Please feel free to bring your own mat, or you can use one of ours!


Enjoy a pour as you mentally and physically gain strength, flexibility, relaxation and renewal of focus. Yoga is often a solitary activity, but wine brings us together!


This class incorporates energetic, fluid movement through a series of asanas where postures are matched with breath, creating a sense of flow, strength, ease and tension release. This class is for all levels.

For more information, contact:


T: (830)-625-2005

BURN 45 Weekly Schedule

*This Program integrates all major muscle groups by having the following focus days throughout the week:

  • Monday: Total Body BURN!

  • Tuesday: Lower Body BURN!

  • Wednesday: Bodyweight BURN!

  • Thursday: Upper Body BURN!

  • Friday: Total Body BURN!

  • Saturday: Lower Body BURN!

App Booking Etiquette

  • 48 Hour Advanced Booking for Premier Members

  • 24 Hour Advanced Booking for General Members

  • 2 Hour No Penalty cancellation window. Cancel within 2 hours of Class and you will be charged a $10.00 Late Un-registration Fee

  • No Shows will be charged a $12.00 No-Show Fee

  • The waitlist feature is now available on our app! As spots become available, the next person on the waitlist will be notified by email and has the opportunity to register for the class.

  • We are implementing these new fees as we will have limited spots in our classes and want to allow others the opportunity to participate in our programming

  • All Classes will be a 45-minute format followed by Sanitizing all equipment used during the class.

  • Please keep a lookout for our #SafeFitness Protocol for Members around the club.

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