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"All in 45" Classes have a limited capacity to accommodate social distancing. You must reserve your spot in our club app!


Myzone app now available! Upgrade your fitness experience today!


45 minutes of fitness a day can get you in the best shape of your life! When done correctly, of course...This was our philosophy when the All In 45 Group Fitness program was designed - to help men and women get in the best shape of their life, while still having a life!

Join this all new fitness program designed by the fitness professionals at JNCC! Love this concept of Orange Theory and results-based group training classes at big box gyms? Then this program is for you!


This intense class uses cardio machines such as Star Trac Free Runner Treadmills (easy on the joints), rowing machines and strength training in a high-intensity interval format to turn your body into a calorie-burning machine, All in 45 minutes!


Paired with the Myzone app,* you can take your experience to the next level, allowing you and your coach to track your metrics and personal performance to reach your goals.

Benefits of My Zone include:

It's Personal: With 99.4% accuracy, Myzone tracks your real-time heart rate, calories and effort to help you train smarter and hit your goals faster!

It's Social: Connect with your JNCC fitness friends and Burn 45 classmates to share your workouts and activity to keep you motivated!

It's Fun: Take part in Burn 45 challenges and collect points to watch your status improve as you have fun focusing on your health and wellbeing.


If getting lean is your goal, do not miss this class! Movement modifications are available for all fitness levels.​ 

BURN 45 Group Training

This All in 45 Program integrates all major muscle groups by having the following focus days throughout the week:

Monday: Total Body BURN!

Tuesday: Lower Body BURN!

Wednesday: Bodyweight BURN!

Thursday: Upper Body BURN!

Friday: Total Body BURN!

Saturday: Lower Body BURN!

*Requires external sensor belt, available for purchase in the Pro Shop for $65 plus tax

For more information, contact:


T: (830)-625-2005

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