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Saturday, September 23rd

8:30am - 5:00pm

Join us for a fun Pickleball tournament in MLP format. Teams will compete against each other in matches consisting of four games. One women's doubles game, one men's doubles game and two mixed doubles games.

Entry Fee

The deadline to register is September 18th.


Friday, September 29th


Come out for our Dink 'N Drink Pickleball Social and Date Night! We will have fun playing pickleball in a social environment with drinks and drinking games on court.
All levels welcome!

Members: $15
Non-Members: $

Register on the JNCC app no later than September 27th at 12pm.

For questions or more information, please contact Freddie Stone at 830-625-2005 or email

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October 6th & 7th

Start Time:

Sign up for a 2-day pickleball tournament at the best outdoor facility in New Braunfels! We offer level-based divisions with a guarantee of three matches! 

Men's Singles
2.00-2.99, 3.00-3.99, 4.00-4.99
Women's Singles
2.00-2.99, 3.00-3.99, 4.00-4.99
Men's Doubles 
2.00-2.99, 3.00-3.99, 4.00-4.99
Women's Doubles 
2.00-2.99, 3.00-3.99, 4.00-4.99
Mixed Doubles 
2.00-2.99, 3.00-3.99, 4.00-4.99

Entry Fee

The deadline to register is Wednesday, October 4th.
To register, visit or click the button below!

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